Vintage Pen collection – some photos

Vintage Pen collection – some photos

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Roger and I spent the last two days cleaning things up and sorting out the pens. Here is what we have. This is a photo of the loose pens. Some things to note are a Parker 75 Bicentennial LE, trays of Parker 51, one Chilton Wing flow set, Pelikan 1000, Eversharps,  Viconti Kaleidos, and lots of other stuff.

Here is another photo showing the desksets. The two lamps are Sheaffer desk sets. Very cool. I like the left one which has an Art Deco style.

The next photo is from the other side of the table. There is a large stack of mint in the box Sheaffer Legacies, Preludes, Balances, etc. There were also several boxes of Parker 51s with stub nibs. There is a real nice Art Deco stepped base Parker Duofold desk set with an red hard rubber pen in the middle of the photo. Note the bright orange Snorkel set in the box in the lower left corner.

This next photo shows more stuff. There were some large Waterman vintage ink bottles. One even had an intact label. The cigar boxes are full of pens in various shapes. One box was all pencils and ballpoints.

The miscellaneous pile is not shown. There is a large parts cabinet full of caps, barrels, nibs, sections, sacs, etc. A big showbox full of lead, refills, coverters, and pieces of pens.

This is going to be quite a find for someone. We have people coming to look it over. Whatever is left will be at the LA Pen show later this week.

Thanks for looking.


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