Two Montblanc collections!

Two Montblanc collections!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The coollections (intentional typo) are coming in right and left! Here’s an example fountain pen collection:

1. Montblanc Alexandre Dumas – sealed (son, wrong signature – his FATHER wrote The Three Musketeers and other works – research error at MB that makes for an interesting collectible!)
2. Montblanc Friedrich Schiller – sealed
3. Montblanc Oscar Wilde – Sealed
4. Montblanc Ramses II (solid gold with a beautiful lapis lazuli cap in 146 size)

The second collection looks like this:

1. Montblanc Imperial Dragons FP/BP/MP set
2. Montblanc Lorenzo De Medici (drool-worthy)
3. Montblanc Louis XIV
4. Montblanc Prince Regent
5. Montblanc Semiramis

We’re looking for buyers for each of these collections as a complete set. If they doesn’t move in LA (!), they will be for sale individually (although, as always, the best deal is as a collection!).

Stay tuned!

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