Latest update to new-arrivals

Latest update to new-arrivals

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Just finished up the latest new arrivals. Roger picked up several Michel Perchin pieces. Many vintage Omas, Waterman Edson, some real nice Pelikans and Auroras. Take a look.

Penopoly Pens New Arrivals

I have a few real nice pieces that came in this week that will post as soon as I can get Roger to price them. They will go into the Latest Finds category on the web site. Also keep an eye on the blog and Facebook pages for pens that Roger will be getting at the Atlanta show. They will be posted to Latest Finds too.

My next set of postings will be after the Atlanta show next weekend.



One Response to “Latest update to new-arrivals”

  1. Steven says:

    WTB a Tibaldi Iride and/or Transparente ……….. keep me in mind if either one, or both, come across your business.


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