DC Collection – Visconti list

DC Collection – Visconti list

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Email me, for prices and commitments. These pens are for saleĀ  at the DC Pen show this weekend.



Visconti LE Pegasus and Chimera #109/188
Visconti LE Ogres #109/188
Visconti LE Dragon and Phoenix #109/188
Visconti Voyager blue
Visconti Mazzi set
Visconti Anubi Egypt
Visconti Dvine Comedy oblique broad
Visconti rollerball large
Visconti fp black large
Visconti fp Forbidden City blue
Visconti fp Forbidden City red
Visconti Empire blue set
Visconti Taj Mahal
Visconti Constantine Europa
Visconti Magi
Visconti Arabian Night
Visconti Ripple Silver
Visconti Ripple Gold
Visconti Viscontina
Visconti Fortune Dragon red
Visconti Skeleton fp
Visconti Voyager rollerball
Visconti Manhattan rollerball

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