DC Collection – Omas list

DC Collection – Omas list

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Please email me,, if you are interested in any of these pens. All of these pens are for sale at the DC pen show.



Omas green plastic fp
Omas green plastic bp
Omas black 1930 small fp broad nib
Omas black 1930 bp
Omas black gentleman fp
Omas 50th anniversary of D-Day fp
Omas blue celluoid rollerball
Omas Amerigo Vespucci wood bp
Omas Marconi ca 1995
Omas Collezione Europa ca 1991
Omas Collezione A.M. 87 wood fp
Omas Collezione A.M. Bp
Omas black bp – pink
Omas Ogeava Red
Omas Ogeava Red
Omas wood bp
Omas wood bp
Omas Modern Art NY bp
Omas Brown Celluoid bp
Omas AM 87 wood bp
Omas Art
Omas Art Italia Paragon fp
Omas Marble Grey celluoid fp double broad nib
Omas celluoid marble grey rb
Omas celluoid rust fp
Omas 360 black rollerball
Omas 360 blk fp
Omas Colombo briar wood fp
Omas Museum Modern Art fp
Omas Museum Modern Art rollerball
Omas wood bp
Omas 557S black 3 pc set
Omas Paragon blk (used)
Omas Paragon blk
Omas Blue celluoid fp
Omas 360 white, large size, midsize hightech iceberg bp
Omas Blue Ojiva fp
Omas Blue Ojiva fp
Omas Paragon blk fp
Omas CM Paragon LE
Omas Club Paragon fp
Omas Colombo wood fp
Omas Jerusalem 3000 rollerball
Omas Jerusalem 3000 fp
Omas Jerusalem 3000 fp
Omas Amerigo Vespucci wood fp

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