What’s in a Pen?

What’s in a Pen?

Friday, April 24th, 2009

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What’s in a pen ?

I believe this is one of the most beautiful pens ever manufactured by Omas, for that matter — the entire collection, was stunningly made with precious metals such as gold and silver accenting them like jewelry on nearly every part of the design. Furthermore they were well thought through as a commemorative to Nelson Mandela. I’m not sure I completely understand why people were rushing to buy these wonderful collector pens to suddenly dump them like they were cursed or something even worse.

I purchase and sell lots of different pens, and pen collections, and I see many of them often trading hands and being treasured by the new owner, whether they are collectors, investors, or simply users. With all this in mind, what went wrong with this Omas idea?

We could blame it on the economy, but this very idea would be inconsistent with the rest of the market. The truth is the market for this pen alone is inconsistent as limited editions go. We saw the pen, we liked the pen, we bought the pen, and for some odd reason everyone unloaded them at the same time, resulting in lowering the value of the collection; in fact they are now worth far less than the original retail value.

When this pen hit the market, it retailed for $5,800 and very quickly sold out, leaving a demand for more. We all know from one of the greatest marketing pen companies in the world today (which shall remain nameless) that it should have driven the value up greatly when people bought up the collection and decided later to resell them.

Not the case with this special Omas collection! It’s not the economy! People are buying expensive pens every day, and I can’t come up with one reason this pen should de-value like it has, but I think there is a lesson to be learned here.

We should not ask what’s in a pen! We should be asking what was in our own head when we decided to sell it so quickly. People never learn that when you purchase a pen like this pen, “of high value”, it is an investment piece, not just a user grade, even though you can and should be enjoying it and using it. You need to think of this type of pen like a stock investment, it will have its ups and downs, because quality stocks almost always get better value over time.

Common sense tells me that if I wait to sell this great pen everyone will win, even and especially if the economy is in a down turn like today. The problem is that everyone panicked, sold the pens for less than they paid, resulting in disastrous price reductions and /or value for all who own them. (This was bad).

In conclusion, I guess I could be the only grateful person that this has happened to, for I am now the new owner of some of the these wonderful Omas pens that will be on hold for the economy to resurrect the investment.

As always, I bid you Happy Penopoly!

Roger Cromwell

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  1. Love Perusing your blog… always interesting. Thankyou!!!

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