Lever filler sac replacement 35.00
Unusual lever filler (Coronet, Tri-pen, Schnell, Wahl metal lined barrel, 40.00
Button filler sac replacement 35.00
Vac, Sheaffer TD, Carter sacs 35.00
Sheaffer Snorkel/PFM sac/seals 40.00
Piston filler cork/seal 40.00
Repair piston mechanism 45.00
Safety filler seal 40.00
Mid-barrel sacs (Waterman, Wahl etc.) 50.00
Unusual fillers (pull, hatchet, twist, accordion etc.) 40.00
Capillary filler 35.00
Clip installation + cost of clip 20-40.00
Clip/spring replacement (Waterman, Conklin,etc. labor only) 50.00
Tighten clip 10.00
Install lever box ? metal overlay pens (Waterman/labor only) + cost of box 95.00
Install lever box ? plastic/hard rubber (Waterman/labor only) + cost of box 45.00
Replace lever (labor) + cost of lever 45.00
Color restoration ? hard rubber 35.00
Color restoration ? hard rubber w/overlay 45.00
Color restoration ? plastics 35.00
Barrel clarity/stain removal 20.00
Burns, gouges, bite marks removal 40.00
Dent removal/recondition metal surfaces 50.00
Nib/flow adjustment only 20.00
Reset bent nib 35.00
Nib grind (stub, oblique, italic) 40.00
Repair nib crack 40.00
Replating ? per piece 35.00
Reset cap bands/metal barrel threads 15.00
Replace cap band 35.00
Seal crack ? hard rubber 35.00
Seal multiple cracks ? hard rubber 50.00
Section crack 50.00
Seal triumph type nibs 25.00
Section leak ? modern pens 35.00
Seal inner cap ?modern pens 25.00
Seal crack ? plastic 35.00
Seal multiple cracks ? plastic 50.00
Broken barrel/cap/section repair (if all broken parts are available) 50.00
Stabilize crazing 40.00
Replace Waterman 100 year barrel/cap end 60.00
Thread tightening 35.00
Thread replacement (labor) 65.00
Cap lip replacement 65.00
Pencil mechanism repair 40.00
Ball point mechanism repair 35.00
Restore Victorian pen/pencil combos 50.00
Remove inscription 35.00
End cap/barrel alignment (Parker Vacs) 10.00
Replace Parker 61 arrow 35.00
Stylographic pens 35.00
Remove India ink 20.00
Lathe work per hour 10%

MULTIPLE JOBS: 5% discount for 5 – 9 pens; 10% discount for 10 or more pens.

IF PARTS are needed for a repair, we will contact you to discuss cost and availability.

THREAD CRACKS: Although we can repair cracks in threads, we cannot make the crack repair invisible.

CRACK REPAIRS: We can also repair any color of hard rubber, but we cannot always make the crack totally disappear. All other material crack repairs are usually not visible.

SHIPPING COSTS: packages up to 2 lbs., sent as registered US Priority Mail, cost $7.00. This includes insurance.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS : Please contact us before sending pens for a price quote. Payment needs to be sent with pens. Return shipment charge of $23 will be added for Global Priority mail with insurance.

PLEASE NOTE that Penopoly is only responsible for repairs sent to the following address:

Roger Cromwell
Penopoly Pens
20885 Redwood Rd #165
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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