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Black Friday: Montblanc LE pens

Friday, November 25th, 2011

I drove by three malls tonight around 10pm and they were all full and jammed with cars. I am impressed that they manage to get people out to shop tonight. In that spirit Roger and I are listing the following pens for sale that just came in and are not on the web site:

Prince Regent FP, M nib, #0494/4810, lightly engraved with initials, pen is in mint unused condition with box and papers $2100

Louis XIV FP, F nib, #1029/4810, lightly engraved with initials, pen is in mint unused condition with papers and no box $2100

Lorenzo Medici FP, F nib, #1189/4810, with wood inner box, no outer box and no papers $7000

SemiRamis FP, M nib, #0401/4810, lightly engraved with initials, with inner box, outer box, papers $2700

Agatha Christie vermeil FP, F nib, #0287/4810,  mint unused, no box, no papers, $4000

Hemingway FP, F nib, #AM2215/05, mint unused, with box, no papers $3600

Imperial Dragon set F FP, BP, Pncl, #1007/5000, two inner boxes, papers $9000

Oscar Wilde set FP-F nib, BP, Pncl, #4524/20000, with box and papers $2700

George Pompidou FP, #40/77 with box and papers $20,000

We will accept offers on these pens subject to approval of the owner. Email me, if you are interested.



Ohio Pen Show! Nov 4-6

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Roger is at the Ohio pen show. As usual he promised to send me pics of new acquisitions and finds. If there is something you want please let us know. Lets see what Roger comes up with.


SF Pen Show – Oct 14-16 Penopoly is here

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Roger is out buying already. This show is nice because it is very near the Penopoly studio. We will have most of our inventory at the show. Roger will be buying, selling and trading for 3 days. Pics of what he finds will be posted here.


1980s Montblanc Meisterstuck and Noblesse mint stickered

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Roger just received a lot of vintage 1980s Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pens and ballpoints. They are all mint condition with price stickers in original boxes with papers. We have:

149  Black fountain pen, m nib   $595

146 Bordeaux fountain pen, m nib (2 pieces) $495

146 Black ball point $200

144 Black ballpoint $195

Noblesse matte blue fountain pen, m nib (2 pieces) $220

black fountain pen, m nib $220

Email me if you are interested.




DC pens update

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I just added in all the pens we picked up in DC. Have a look!



DC Pen show – new pens for sale

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Roger scored on a lot of stuff at the DC show. We didn’t realize how much we picked up till we sorted things out last night. I just compiled this list for now. I will be doing pictures over the next few weeks. Pens are generally in good condition. A few have boxes and papers.  As always the first person to pay gets the pen. Roger’s policy is no holds on pens. We accept Mastercard and Visa. Let me know what you want.




DC Pen Show
Pen price
Cartier Diabolo set fp m nib bp 495
Cartier Diabolo, sterling vertical line pattern rb 600
Cartier Le Must de gold plate f nib rb set 495
Conway Stewart red and yellow acrylic m nib 500
Curtis Australia Musical instruments overlay red marble acrylic body 750
Curtis Australia Stars and Stripes overlay red marble acrylic 750
Krone black and grey acrylic b nib 585
Krone early model ½ clear cap brown body 395
Laban black and white acrylic m nib 100
Laban Don Quijote heavy silver overlay 750
Laban ivory acrylic m nib 180
Montblanc 146 black b nib 450
Montblanc 146 black m nib 450
Montblanc Agatha Christie vermeil fp box and papers left oblique nib 3750
Montblanc Boheme black anthracite stone select tip 375
Montblanc Boheme large size sterling sapphire stone select tip 700
Montblanc Le Grand 146 barley corn, gold plate, factory stub nib, metal filler 1000
Montblanc Marcel Proust m nib box and papers 2250
Montegrappa black lacquer cap, silver body, f nib early version 550
Namiki f nib black acrylic body 150
Omas briarwood m nib 600
Omas Museum of Modern Art LE b nib 495
Omas Taentelum black gold trim soft flexy f nib 325
Parker Duofold Centennial black m nib 600
Parker Duofold Sr Mandarin Yellow f nib 950
Parker Duofold True Blue LE 2714/5000 fp m nib 700
Pelikan 100 f nib 425
Pelikan Souverain 200 m nib 300
Platinum Y2K b nib 800
ST Dupont Chairman sterling silver, f nib 1100
ST Dupont Chairman Vertigo pattern, f nib 1195
ST Dupont gold barley corn, fp f nib 600
ST Dupont Mont Parnasse blk f nib 395
ST Dupont Mount Parnasse bp sterling 395
ST Dupont Olympio diamond cut silver tone m nib 950
ST Dupont Olympio gold square pattern cap, black lacque body, f nib 895
ST Dupont Olympio red guilloche barrel, gold engraved cap f nib 895
Taccia brown marble acrylic, mother of pearl, f plated nib 299
Visconti Rembrandt m nib 145
Visconti Van Gogh m nib 195
Waterman sterling basket weave rb 550
Waterman sterling set fp rb 695

DC pen show

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Roger picked up new vintage collection last night. Taking inventory today. Will post here.


Web update in progress

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

I am starting to list the pens from Miami plus others that Roger has acquired recently. I will work on it for the next couple of evening and then we leave for the DC show.


Miami Collection inventory

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Rodger and I just took an inventory of the collection he brought back. Here is what we have. We are still working on things. Contact me directly for prices.




Miami 2011 collection inventory
Ron Lee
Mfg Model Details Price
Aurora Epsilon maroon f nib
Calibri Disney style f nib
Caran d’Arche black and gold 18k f nib
Cartier Diabolo stainless steel body, blue cabachon on cap f nib
Cross green and black gold f nib
Cross sterling cap black body m nib
Delta 365 red marble body and black cap with silver trim mint unused f nib
Delta Julius Caesar 312/999 f nib
Delta LE flags with the leaning tower of Pisa
Dunhill blue and gold f nib
Elmo alternate brand for Montegrappa red sterling trim f nib
Montblanc 146 Bordeaux mint unused f nib
Montblanc 146 Starwalker
Montblanc 146 early version with brass piston filler black f nib
Montblanc 149 early version with brass piston filler black f nib
Montblanc Czar Nikolai I mint unused with box and papers, f nib
Montblanc Writers LE Proust f nib
Montegrappa Cosmopolitan LE sterling overlay, green marble body f nib
Montegrappa red sterling trim LE 0445/1000
Montegrappa sterling with black cap f nib
Namiki ArtCraft solid sterling Crane design mint unused f nib
Namiki ArtCraft solid sterling Dragon design mint unused f nib
Parker Duofold Special edition centennial, very first version of the new Duofolds m nib
Parker Duofold Centennial burgundy marble mint unused f nib
Parker Duofold International m nib
Pelikan maroon, BB stub flexy nib mint unused
Sheaffer Legacy blk stripe body f nib
Sheaffer new Balance green f nib
ST Dupont Fidelio Vertigo pattern m nib
ST Dupont Fidelio Vertigo II gold cap red geometrical pattern lacquer body mint unused f nib
ST Dupont Olympio Vertigo pattern m nib
ST Dupont Olympio solid sterling mint unused f nib
Stipula Agate f nib
Stipula Novacento crescent filler #2708
Waterford red with silver trim
Waterford gold m nib
Waterford red orange silver trim
Waterman 100 f nib
Waterman Edson blue m nib
Waterman Modern Partrician Coral
Waterman Rhapsody 18k f nib
Yard O Led solid sterling floral pattern
Yard O Led solid sterling barley pattern

Roger scored – new collection coming!

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Roger picked up a new collection at the Miami Pen show. I will see it on Wed and take pictures. As always contact me at ronlee@penopoly.,com  ASAP if you see something you want. Stay tuned for updates.




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