Waterman Eyedroppers

Waterman #20 $Make offer (Rare) Purchase

Waterman #20

Waterman #20 Mottled Hard Rubber, Eye dropper, Sterling clipc. 1910,Near Mint!

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Waterman Safety $800 Purchase

Waterman Safety

ladies ring top, f nib

Catalog Number: waterman1103171

Waterman 414 $495 Sold Out

Waterman 414

Gold-filled Snail Pattern, Eye Dropper, no dents or scratches. Fine felx nib….

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Waterman #17 Eyedropper Sold Out

Waterman #17 Eyedropper


This rare and beautiful eyedropper #17 has an almost untouched fine silver overlay in art deco. The 14k nib is marked ideal New York. Extra fine flexi. Clip is marked pat. sept. 26,05. This pen is the best example of an overlay I’ve ever seen. The black hard rubber has almost no discoloration and the silver has almost no wear. The pen measures (capped) 61/4 inch.

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Waterman Doll Pen $4,000 Sold Out

Waterman Doll Pen

Black Hard Rubber, Eyedropper Filler, 14k Nib, Rare Original Box, c. 1907, Near-mint Condition, 1.75 inches or 4.5 centimeters Capped; Waterman Medallion is the size of a US 25 Cent Coin

Catalog Number: (RARE Doll Pen)

Waterman #20 Blk Hrd Rb $1,600 Sold Out

Waterman #20 Blk Hrd Rb

Black Hard Rubber, #20 Nickel plated silver, Correct nib, semi flex . no cracks, good imprint.

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Waterman #17 Eyedropper, mottled red hard rubber $17000.00 Sold Out

Waterman #17 Eyedropper, mottled red hard rubber

Waterman #17 Eyedropper, Good imprint, flexi nib, Red &Black mottled hard rubber. Name engraved, I can take it out upon request. No crack,slip cap, nickel clip. VERY RARE.

Catalog Number: Waterman #17 Eyedropper

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