Waterman 0552 $375 Purchase

Waterman 0552

Gold Fill Overlay on Black Hard Rubber, Lever Filler Slight brassing. restored, fine flex nib 14k,

Catalog Number:

Waterman 100 Year $375 Purchase

Waterman 100 Year


Lever Filler, 14k Ideal Fine Semi-flex Nib, 1940s, Excellent Condition

Catalog Number:

Waterman Ballpoint $450.00 Purchase

Waterman Ballpoint

French made, sterling silver, basketweave pattern, unusual Parker clip

Catalog Number: waterman100531

Waterman 42 safety $1500.00 Purchase

Waterman 42 safety

very rare, super flex fine nib, imaculate condition, 18k gold rolled leaf pattern overlay, marked “Waterman Ideal 18k gold r”

Catalog Number: waterman100603

Waterman Patrician Set $950 Purchase

Waterman Patrician Set

black and pearl in excellent condition and color, fine semiflex nib

matching pencil

Catalog Number: waterman110414

Waterman Edson Rollerball $450 Purchase

Waterman Edson Rollerball

green transparent, rollerball

Catalog Number: waterman1007221

Waterman Safety $800 Purchase

Waterman Safety

ladies ring top, f nib

Catalog Number: waterman1103171

Waterman 200 $250 Purchase

Waterman 200

gold fill, cart/conveter, m nib

Catalog Number: waterman1103172

Waterman 100 $250 Purchase

Waterman 100

Catalog Number: waterman1103173

Waterman 200 $195 Purchase

Waterman 200

Catalog Number: waterman1103174

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