Visconti Carbon Dream Ripple LE $1,950 Purchase

Visconti Carbon Dream Ripple LE

Visconti released the Carbon Dream Ripple LE pen recently. The overlay is carbon fiber over a clear demonstrator body. The pen includes a unique first of its kind carbon fiber inkwell in a beautiful presentation box. The pen used the Visconti Powerfill mechinism. It comes with a 18K nib in fine or medium. Specialty nibs such as extra fine, broad, stub are available. Retail price is $1950. Email for a quote.

Catalog Number: visconti110101

Visconti Declaration of Independence LE $2950 Purchase

Visconti Declaration of Independence LE

This pen is available as a fountain pen or rollerball. The pen comes in a limted edition of 776 with silver trim and 76 with 18K gold trim.

Pens are in stock now. We also have all the specialty nibs like stubs, double broad, extra fine, etc. We also can request specific numbers from Visconti.

Details and pricing below. Contact us for a quote.

Silver Edition: Limited to 776 pens in silver

Fountain: #29052PD $2,950

Rollerball: #29152 $2,850

Gold edition: Limited of 76 pens in 18kt gold

Fountain: #33852PD 26,950

Rollerball: #33952 26,750

Catalog Number: visconti110114

Visconti cracked ice $495 Purchase

Visconti cracked ice

acrylic body, cart/converter fill, m nib

Catalog Number: visconti110317

Visconti Viscontina $300 Purchase

Visconti Viscontina

vintage pearl and gray celluoid body, plunger filler, f nib

Catalog Number: visconti110330

Visconti Taj Mahal LE $1250 Purchase

Visconti Taj Mahal LE

silver and black, mint unused with box and papers, 18k two tone medium nib

Catalog Number: visconti1103302

Visconti Forbidden City $1800 Purchase

Visconti Forbidden City

vermeil trim, blue acrylic, #126/888,

Catalog Number: visconti1103305

Visconti Forbidden city $6,900 Purchase

Visconti Forbidden city

solid gold, red acrylic, mint unused with box and papers, #59/88

Catalog Number: visconti1103306

Visconti Wall Street red LE $795 Purchase

Visconti Wall Street red LE

power fill, acrylic body, any available nib

Stylophiles article on Visconti Wall Street LE

Catalog Number: visconti110414

Visconti Empire Vermeil LE set $1000 Purchase

Visconti Empire Vermeil LE set

double receiver filler, acryloid body, #28/500, 18k nib

Catalog Number: visconti1103304

Visconti Van Gogh $279 Purchase

Visconti Van Gogh

ivory marble acrylic

call for best price

Catalog Number: viconti110827

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