Visconti Pont’e Vecchio $495 Purchase

Visconti Pont’e Vecchio

Visconti Ponte Vecchio, 18k gold trim, 18k nib verrrry smooth writer. Great way to remember Italy’s Pont’e Vecchio….
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Visconti Divine Proportions $950 Purchase

Visconti Divine Proportions

Visconti Divine Proportions

F nib, button fill, with box, display and papers, Very cool presentation box! Silver inlay, classic pen…
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Visconti Voyager fountain pen $250 Purchase

Visconti Voyager fountain pen

Visconti Voyager black, 14K gold medium nib, cartridge/coverter fill

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Visconti Copernicus $550 Purchase

Visconti Copernicus

Copernicus Red

“RED” Fine nib 18k, gold trim, resent filler, box & paper, I have med, nibs and broad. box and paperwork.

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Visconti Divina $695 Purchase

Visconti Divina


Younger brother of the Divine Proportion LE. Edition of 1618. Celluoid body, Platinum plated trim, 19K nib

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Visconti Millenium One $395 Purchase

Visconti Millenium One

Visconti Millenium One in Orange, crescent filler all nib sizes available. Gold trim and 18k nib. available in multiple colors upon request.

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Visconti Elisa $650 Purchase

Visconti Elisa


The Mazzi collection 2005, fine, medium or broad 18k nib available, palladium plated trims, hand painted #023/205 all box and papers.

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Visconti $2,500 Purchase


Visconti – Alchemy – 2003
Finish: Silver Vermeil
Edition: 1038 Fountain Pens
Type: Fountain Pen (Comes with a M & F nib)
new old stock, comes with box and papers.

Catalog Number: comes with display stand

Homo Sapiens $595 Purchase

Homo Sapiens

Homo Sapiens line of pens is the latest offering from Visconti. It is made of a composition of resin and lava. The fountain pen has the new flexy palladium nib in all sizes.

Fountain Pen w 23k Palladium Nib $595.00
Roller Ball Pen with Bronze Trim $395.00
Ball Pen with Bronze Trim $325.00
Mechanical Pencil $345.00
Catalog Number: vis10030801

Homo Sapiens Calligraphy Set $3196 Purchase

Homo Sapiens Calligraphy Set

The Homo Sapiens Calligraphy Set contains a fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball with sterling silver trim in a maple wood box. The set also contains:

5 23 ct 950 Palladium Nib for writing test different in broadness: XF/M/B/BB/S 1.3

1 nib change tool

6 inkwells of different colours: black, blue, red, sepia, green, turquoise

6 gel refill of different colours: black, blue, red, sepia, green, turquoise

1 blotting paper set

1 polishing cloth

1 pen testing paper block cm 15x 21

1 writing pad

1 magnetic sleeve in lava

Catalog Number: vis10030902

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