Conklin Nozac Sold Out

Conklin Nozac

button fill, 14K fine nib, rare, lightly engraved name – EJ Bartlett, completely restored

Catalog Number: conklin100603

Parker Duofold $450.00 Sold Out

Parker Duofold

Blue and white lapis finish, vest pocket style with clip, excellent plus condition, button filler, fine nib

Catalog Number: parker100603

Waterman #17 Eyedropper, mottled red hard rubber $17000.00 Sold Out

Waterman #17 Eyedropper, mottled red hard rubber

Waterman #17 Eyedropper, Good imprint, flexi nib, Red &Black mottled hard rubber. Name engraved, I can take it out upon request. No crack,slip cap, nickel clip. VERY RARE.

Catalog Number: Waterman #17 Eyedropper

Waterman Patrician Onyx $800 Sold Out

Waterman Patrician Onyx

medium nib

Catalog Number: waterman1004292

Conklin Combo Sold Out

Conklin Combo

combination fountain pen and pencil

Catalog Number: conklin100429

Parker Vacumatic Senior Maxima $595 Sold Out

Parker Vacumatic Senior Maxima

fully restored, fine nib

Catalog Number: parker1004271

Parker Vacumatic Emerald Pearl $595 Sold Out

Parker Vacumatic Emerald Pearl

Parker Vacumatic Emerald Pearl, Great imprint, fine nib, no brassing, fully restored. two tone nib.

Catalog Number: Parker Vacumatic Emerald Pearl

Parker Duofold Mandarin Yellow $950 Sold Out

Parker Duofold Mandarin Yellow

button filler, f nib

Catalog Number: parker1108272

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