Waterman 42 safety $1500.00 Purchase

Waterman 42 safety

very rare, super flex fine nib, imaculate condition, 18k gold rolled leaf pattern overlay, marked “Waterman Ideal 18k gold r”

Catalog Number: waterman100603

Montblanc 236 $450.00 Purchase

Montblanc 236

piston fill, flexy stub

Catalog Number: montblanc1006031

Montblanc vintage $350.00 Purchase

Montblanc vintage

piston fill, early Montblanc with semi-flex fine nib

Catalog Number: montblanc100603

Parker 61 $225.00 Purchase

Parker 61

mint, never filled, shows red filler, lightly engraved initials HAW, medium/fine nib

Catalog Number: parker100531

Wahl Eversharp Coronet gold pencil $220 Purchase

Wahl Eversharp Coronet gold pencil

Pencil only

Catalog Number: wahl1004293

Parker Mandarin Yellow Senior Duofold set $950 Purchase

Parker Mandarin Yellow Senior Duofold set

Very good color, medium imprint, fully restored, two stable cracks in cap lip

Catalog Number: parker100427

Visconti Voyager LE $495 Purchase

Visconti Voyager LE

translucent blue, silver clip, power filler

Catalog Number: visconti100801

Parker 14 $call for price Purchase

Parker 14

18K solid gold jeweler overlay commisioned by Parker, very high quality diamonds in each flower and along top of cap, eye dropper fill, fine point flexy nib

Catalog Number: parker110309

Waterman Patrician Set $950 Purchase

Waterman Patrician Set

black and pearl in excellent condition and color, fine semiflex nib

matching pencil

Catalog Number: waterman110414

Parker Imperial Vacumatic 1940 Sold Out

Parker Imperial Vacumatic 1940

1940’s set, gold pearl laminated blk plastic, fine nib, exellent imprint, fully restored, w/ box

Catalog Number:

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