Sheaffer 1935 Sold Out

Sheaffer 1935

Lever filling in red casein plastic. Excellent condition, med nib, smooth. Fully restored.

Catalog Number:

Sheaffer Lifetime Senior Sold Out

Sheaffer Lifetime Senior

Marine Green & Pearl Marbeled, Gold-fill Trim, 14k Fine-Medium Nib, Lever-filler, Slight Wear on Clip, Excellent Condition

Catalog Number:

Sheaffer OS Balance $600 Sold Out

Sheaffer OS Balance

Grey Red Vein, Lever Filler, 14k Medium-fine Nib, 1930s, Excellent Condition

Catalog Number: shf0920

Sheaffer OS Sold Out

Sheaffer OS

Early Flat-clip Nickel Plate Lever-filler, Ink-view Barrel

Catalog Number: s

Shaeffer OS Balance Sold Out

Shaeffer OS Balance

Gold & Brown Striated, Plunger Filler, Visualated Barrel, Two-tone Fine 14k Nib, 1930s, Excellent Condition – Two Available

Catalog Number:

Sheaffer Crest Triumph Sold Out

Sheaffer Crest Triumph

Gold Stiped Barrel with Gold-Filled Cap, Plunger Filler, 14k Fine Nib, 1943, Excellent Condition

Catalog Number: shf0936

Sheaffer Intrigue $110 Sold Out

Sheaffer Intrigue

Satin Chrome, Converter Filler, 14k White Gold Medium Nib, New Old Stock

Catalog Number: shf1305

Sheaffer Royal Solingor L.E. Sold Out

Sheaffer Royal Solingor L.E.

Asian Commemorative Pewter, Converter Filler, Two-tone 18k Fine Nib, Near-Mint

Catalog Number:

Sheaffer Balance $275 Sold Out

Sheaffer Balance

Senior, blk, gold trim, 5 1/2 inch capped, 1/2 inch wide, med nib, flat barrel

Catalog Number: shf02945

Sheaffer 1000 Oversize Sold Out

Sheaffer 1000 Oversize

Lifetime guarantee model,rose glow,no cracks,brassing,name on band(can be removed),two tone,fine nib,lever fill

Catalog Number: shf03173

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