Sheaffer $550 Purchase


Chevron Pattern Gold-filled Lever-filler, 1920s

Catalog Number: shf0703

Sheaffer $250 Purchase


Lifetime BHR Lever-filler, 1926

Catalog Number: shf0941

Sheaffer $475 Purchase


Gold-filled, Striated Line with V Pattern, Lever Filler, 14k Sheaffer #3 Self-Filling Nib, 1920s, Very Good Condition

Catalog Number: shf1204

Sheaffer Targa $295 Purchase

Sheaffer Targa

“Rare” large size, rollerball, blue swirl, silver trim, white dot

Catalog Number: 7103

Sheaffer Targa $275 Purchase

Sheaffer Targa

Rare color, red & grey swirls, gold trim, fine nib, converter filler, white dot

Catalog Number: 7104

Sheaffer 7?30 $250 Purchase

Sheaffer 7?30

Jade, Gold-filled Trim, Lever Filler, 14k Fine Nib, Slight, Even Discoloration, Excellent Condition

Catalog Number: shf0934

Sheaffer Phone Dialer $375 Purchase

Sheaffer Phone Dialer

Lifetime, Ring-top, Lever Fill, 14k Fine Rigid Nib, Some Discoloration, Very Good Condition

Catalog Number: shf1307

Sheaffer OS $295 Purchase

Sheaffer OS

Black, Lever Filler, Gold-fill Trim, 14k Medium Firm Nib, 1930s, Excellent+ Condition

Catalog Number: shf0926

Shaeffer OS Balance $325 Purchase

Shaeffer OS Balance

Gold-striped, Lever Filler, Wide Cap Band, Engraved ACT, Two-tone 14k Medium-fine Nib, 1936, Very Good Condition

Catalog Number: shf0970

Sheaffer $495 Purchase


Over-sized Balance Nickel Plate Flat Clip Lever-filler, 1939

Catalog Number: hard to get!!

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