Penopoly Dipper Pen $400 Purchase

Penopoly Dipper Pen

The pen is made from a hand picked high end acrylic material and the nibs are 18k with a star burst design on it. I put a half moon on the cap bottom inlaid with real mother of pearl, and the big dipper and little dipper on each side of the barrel also in mother of pearl. I used a platinum coated hardware for durability and looks. The pen is balanced to perfection posted or not, it is light weight and has a larger diameter for ergonomics reasons. I made this pen because I was thinking how men used the stars to navigate them around the Earth. I see writing instruments as a similar tool. Writing instruments changed the way we communicated and navigated or lives through every day communication via the written word, both were equally important and life changing for our civilization .

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Fountain Pen – Jeweler’s Sterling Silver Overlay $2200 Sold Out

Fountain Pen – Jeweler’s Sterling Silver Overlay

sterling silver jeweler’s overlay, work was done on a rare Montblanc #2 pen from the 1950s, pison piston filler, most likely a one of kind custom work for a customer

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