Pelikan M400 $395 Sold Out

Pelikan M400

Pelikan M400

M400 Tortoise shell, Piston Filler, New Old Stock, medium nib, 14K all nib sizes available.

Catalog Number: I have a couple of these!

Pelikan Toledo $700 Sold Out

Pelikan Toledo


Pelikan Toledo

18K broad nib,M700 size, LE 12/68, piston fill, box and paperwork 


Catalog Number: won't last long!!

Pelikan 100 Sold Out

Pelikan 100

Pelikan 100

 Lizard skin,. rare, left broad oblique nib, excellent condition….
Catalog Number: hated to sell this one!

Pelikan Hercules Fountain Pen L.E $1,800 Sold Out

Pelikan Hercules Fountain Pen L.E

Pelikan Hercules Fountain Pen L.E

Pen comes with box, papers and ink bottle. (size 1000). Very cool pen! retailed for $2,500

Catalog Number: great deal :)

Pelikan 800 $350 Sold Out

Pelikan 800

fountain pen, piston fill, medium nib, green

Catalog Number: pelikan100525

Pelikan LE 1935 $875.00 Sold Out

Pelikan LE 1935

Lapis Blue, fine nib, trim 18K gold trim and clip,

Catalog Number: pelikan100531

Pelikan 800 $350.00 Sold Out

Pelikan 800

fine nib, piston fill

Catalog Number: pelikan100531

Pelikan 400 $185.00 Sold Out

Pelikan 400

black, gold plate trim, medium nib, piston fill, very smooth writer

Catalog Number: pelikan100603

Pelikan 1935 LE $575 Sold Out

Pelikan 1935 LE

Blue lapis finish, semi-flex 14K nib, no box

Catalog Number: pelikan100720

Pelikan Souverain $350 Sold Out

Pelikan Souverain

M600 size, vermeil cap, green stripe body, piston fill, m nib

Catalog Number: pelikan1103096

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