Parker Duofold Streamline $375 Purchase

Parker Duofold Streamline

rare color, M nib

Catalog Number: parker100720

Parker Duofold International $395 Purchase

Parker Duofold International

checker finish, cart/conv, most common nibs available

Catalog Number: parker1007207

Michael Fultz Snake $1,100 Purchase

Michael Fultz Snake

sterling silver overlay, new Parker Duofold body, cartridge/converter fill, m nib

Catalog Number: fultz110314

Parker Duofold Centennial $675 Purchase

Parker Duofold Centennial

24k gold plate, cart/converter, m nib

Catalog Number: parker110317

Parker New Duofold Purchase

Parker New Duofold

pearl and black, available with fine, medium or broad nibs

Catalog Number: parker110330

Parker Vacumatic Maxima $495 Purchase

Parker Vacumatic Maxima

silver and black, fully restored, f nib

Catalog Number: parker1104141

Parker Centennial Duofold $600 Purchase

Parker Centennial Duofold

Chocolate brown with blue and pink pin stripe, available with any nib

Catalog Number: parker1104142

Parker Senior Duofold $600 Purchase

Parker Senior Duofold

Red hard rubber body, button fill, large imprint in excellent condition, minimal brassing, fine nib

Catalog Number: parker110414

Parker Centennial Duofold – burgundy $600 Purchase

Parker Centennial Duofold – burgundy

new Duofold, burgundy marble color, mint unused condition, cart/converter fill, f nib

Catalog Number: parker110807

Parker Duofold Centennial $600 Purchase

Parker Duofold Centennial

black acrylic, m nib

Catalog Number: parker110827

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