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Pelikan 100N $550.00 Purchase

Pelikan 100N

Pelikan 100N,OM  nib, excellent condition , fully restored with modern barrel. 14k nib. piston filler. no brassing.

Catalog Number: 1937 Pelikan 100N

Florentia $Contact us for price Purchase



Visconti’s celebration of the city of Florence. This is a limited edition of 88 pcs. The body is Ivory- colour resin with a Scrimshaw design. The filling system is Visconti’s power fill. The nib is 18 kt 750 gold. The pen comes in a Florentine writing-case.

Catalog Number: vis10031502

Gordian Knot $895 Purchase

Gordian Knot

A member of the Metropolis line of pens from Visconti. Piston fill 14K gold nib. Comes in gold, sterling silver and gun metal finish. This pen is available as a fountain pen or rollerball.

Catalog Number: vis10031503

Edvard Munch “The Scream” $1350 Purchase

Edvard Munch “The Scream”

This pen is a tribute to the famous painting by Edvard Munch “The Scream”. It is a limited edition of 338 pieces. The body is black resin with sterling silver accents and clip. The nib is 14K gold. Piston filler.

Catalog Number: vis10031504

Templari $contact us for price Purchase


The Templari pen is a tribute to the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages. It is produced as a limted edition of 312 fountain pens in a special box with a seal. The pen’s body is an ivory colored resin with an aged filagree overlay. The pen used the Visconti power filler mechanism and has an 18K gold nib in F/M/B.

Catalog Number: vis10031505

Divina Black $contact us for price Purchase

Divina Black

The Divina black is done with a solid black lucite body. Like the Divine proportions LE the dimensions of the Divina represent the divine proportions. The fountain pen has a 14k gold nib. The fountain pen uses the Visconti power filler piston system. The pen is also available as a rollerball, ballpoint and pencil.

Catalog Number: vis10031601

Divina Royale $contact us for price Purchase

Divina Royale

Like the Divine Proportions LE the Dvina Royale is sized to the divine proportion. The Divina Royale line introduces glittering Swarovski crytals around the pen. The pen comes in black, pink and ivory. The fountain pen has a 14K gold nib and uses the Visconti power filler mechanism. A matching rollerball, ballpoint and pencil are also available.

Catalog Number: vis10031602

Rembrandt $145 fountain pen Purchase


The Rembrandt reflects the painting technique used by Rembrandt, the chiaroscuro. Fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint range in 4 colours-apparently plain that reveal at a closer look chiaroscuro nuances which render unique every single pen.


The Rembrandt line is available as a fountain pen, roller ball, or ballpoint. The fountain pen has a steel nib. Trim is a palladium finish. The line comes in red, black, blue and ivory resin.

Catalog Number: vis10031603

Parker Duofold International $395.00 Purchase

Parker Duofold International

Parker Duofold International made by Parker with special cap bands

Catalog Number: Parker Duofold International

Delta Enrico Caruso LE $900.00 Purchase

Delta Enrico Caruso LE

fine nib, lever fill

Catalog Number: delta100531

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