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Michael Fultz Octavian solid gold $1800 Sold Out

Michael Fultz Octavian solid gold

14K solid gold overlay over Parker International size Duofold pen

two pens are in stock:

no 14/1000 86 nib extra extra broad

no 12/1000 85 nib extra broad

Catalog Number: mf1106171

Michael Fultz Octavian solid silver $950 Sold Out

Michael Fultz Octavian solid silver

solid silver overlay over Parker Duofold International pen

no 114/1500 89 nib – oblique broad 18K

Catalog Number: mf1106172

Steampunk #1 Sold Out

Steampunk #1

Catalog Number: pensp110606

Pelikan 800 $475 Sold Out

Pelikan 800

blue body, gold trim, piston filler, factory double broad nib, perfect for making a nice italic

Catalog Number: pelikan111211

Montblanc Lorenzo Medici Sold Out

Montblanc Lorenzo Medici

piston filler, F nib, #1189/4810, wood inner box, no outer box, no papers, mint unused

Catalog Number: montblanc1112113

Montblanc Agatha Christie Sold Out

Montblanc Agatha Christie

piston filler, F nib, vermeil finish, mint unused condition, no box and no papers, #0287/4810

Catalog Number: montblanc1112115

Montblanc Imperial Dragon set Sold Out

Montblanc Imperial Dragon set

three piece set – fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil, F nib, piston filler, LE #1007/5000, inner boxes and papers

Catalog Number: montblance1112116

Visconti Dante’s Divine Comedy $1,299.00 Sold Out

Visconti Dante’s Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy (or Divina Commedia, in Italian) was written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321. It may very well be the preeminent work of Italian literature. His poem’s imaginative and allegorical vision of the afterlife is a culmination of the medieval world-view as it had developed in the Western Church.

This pen was designed as an homage to Dante’s work. The focus of the pen is its body, with a scrimshaw perfectly executed by artists. Scrimshaw is the old art of hand cutting ivory and filling the engraved area with a special ink. The design reminds us of Dante’s descriptive journey into Hell and Purgatory. In contrast, its cap symbolizes Paradise with its angel-shaped clip and delicate ornaments. The vintage (circa 1960’s) celluloid material is no longer available.

The pen is fitted with a fine 18k nib, and is filled via the unique Visconti patented Double Reservoir system, which accommodates up to seven times the amount of ink other pens hold, yet allows the owner to travel with complete peace of mind. The unusually short cap allows the reservoir to be fully visible behind the decorative metal trim even when the pen is capped, so there is no need to unscrew the cap to check the level of ink.

The outer box is leather, designed to remind us of Dante’s bookbound work. It contains the pen, a lithography of the artwork and the manufacturer’s guarantee printed on handmade paper, and a metal bas relief executed expressly for Visconti, representing Dante’s image.

This pen is numbered x of 030 of 388 pieces worldwide.

Note: Unless otherwise requested, we will test and clean every pen before shipping.


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