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Hutcheon & Brothers $300 Purchase

Hutcheon & Brothers


Mottled Hard Rubber, 2 18 0 Barrel End Imprint, “Property NJ Bell Telephone Co.” Barrel Imprint, Lever Filler, 14k Hutcheon NY Fine-flex Nib, c.1920, Good+ Condition

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Visconti Voyager fountain pen $250 Purchase

Visconti Voyager fountain pen

Visconti Voyager black, 14K gold medium nib, cartridge/coverter fill

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Taccia SST $95 Purchase

Taccia SST

Fountian pen, m nib, cartridge filler, chrome and gunmetal finish, Swaroski crystal jewels, more pics and info at Taccia SST

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Taccia Tak-ke $75 Purchase

Taccia Tak-ke

Fountian pen, m nib, cartridge filler, available in Black Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Cotton Candy, and Bamboo Stripe,( $75 Each )more info at Tacci Tak-ke Pens

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Taccia Andante $129 Purchase

Taccia Andante

Fountian pen, m nib, cartridge filler, available in Black Cherry, Petrified Wood, Royal Stripe, and Honeybee, more info at Taccia Andante

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Taccia Mother of Pearl $375 Purchase

Taccia Mother of Pearl


Fountian pen, m 18K nib. cartridge filler, pattern show is Harmony. Also available in additional patterns – Fantasy, Stained Glass, Pearl Mosaic, Pearl Geometry. More info at Taccia Mother of Pearl optional steel nib $215, rollerball $195
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Taccia Continental $85 Purchase

Taccia Continental

Fountian pen, m steel nib, cartridge filler, color show is Jade Green, also available in Royal Purple, Cotton Candy, and Cracked Ice. More info at Taccia Continental

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Taccia Imperial Portugese $95 Purchase

Taccia Imperial Portugese

Fountain pen, m steel nib, cartridge filler, color shown is Optima Blue. Also available in Cracked Ice, Cranberry, Forest Marble, and Royal Purple. More info at Taccia Imperial Portugese rollerball also available $85

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Waterman 0552 $375 Purchase

Waterman 0552

Gold Fill Overlay on Black Hard Rubber, Lever Filler Slight brassing. restored, fine flex nib 14k,

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Waterman 100 Year $375 Purchase

Waterman 100 Year


Lever Filler, 14k Ideal Fine Semi-flex Nib, 1940s, Excellent Condition

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