Omas Extra $190 Purchase

Omas Extra

fine nib, cartridge/converter fill, acrylic body

Catalog Number: omas100429

Omas Extra $190 Purchase

Omas Extra

fine nib

Catalog Number: omas1004291

Omas $895 Purchase


fountain pen, blue celluoid, late 80s design, box and papers

Catalog Number: omas1010041

Omas Marconi LE $700 Purchase

Omas Marconi LE

18k two tone broad nib

Catalog Number: omas1103304

Omas Ferrari 348 Challenge $750 Purchase

Omas Ferrari 348 Challenge

18k m nib

Catalog Number: omas1103305

Omas AM87 $550 Purchase

Omas AM87

14k two tone nib, available in fine, medium or broad

Catalog Number: omas1103307

Omas Bibliotheque National LE $595 Purchase

Omas Bibliotheque National LE

piston filler, m 14k nib

Catalog Number: omas1106172

Omas Colombo II $1400 Purchase

Omas Colombo II

piston filler, broad nib

Catalog Number: omas1103302

Omas Museum of Modern Art LE $495 Purchase

Omas Museum of Modern Art LE

b nib

Catalog Number: omas1108271

Omas 360 $250 Sold Out

Omas 360

this Black beauty is super smooth, med broad with gold trim. box and paperwork….

Catalog Number:

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