Montblanc Ramses II $1050 Sold Out

Montblanc Ramses II

Montblanc Rames II paperwork and box, mint, med nib

Catalog Number: mtb2896

Montblanc Prince Regent $995 Sold Out

Montblanc Prince Regent

Montblanc Prince Regent LE 4810 vermeil overlay, 18k m nib

Catalog Number: mtb3579

Montblanc Octavian $3000 Sold Out

Montblanc Octavian

Montblanc Octavian LE 2033/4810 two tone m nib, 18k beautiful spider on nib present retail $8000 no box

Catalog Number: mtb3581

Montblanc Jules Verne 2003 $995 Sold Out

Montblanc Jules Verne 2003

The finish is enamel over sterling, Edition is # 14,999/18,500 Box and Papers, Double broad “BB”nib, Writes so smooth….

Catalog Number: LOOK ! BB NIB

Montblanc Semiramis 1996 Sold Out

Montblanc Semiramis 1996

A tribute to Queen of Assyria and her contributions in The of Writing, Architecture, solid gold with painted enamel

Catalog Number: mtb1226

Edgar Alan Poe Set Sold Out

Edgar Alan Poe Set

Fountain Pen, Ballpoint and Pencil

Catalog Number: mw_1

Oscar Wilde Fountain Pen Sold Out

Oscar Wilde Fountain Pen

Catalog Number: mw_2

Agatha Christie Fountain Pen Sold Out

Agatha Christie Fountain Pen

Catalog Number: mw_3

Kafka Ballpoint $695 Sold Out

Kafka Ballpoint

Note:pictured is the fountain pen

Catalog Number: mw_14

Imperial Dragon Set Sold Out

Imperial Dragon Set

Fountain Pen, Ballpoint and Pencil

Fountain Pen and ballpoint in factory sealed box

Catalog Number: mw_5

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