Limited Editions

Visconti Copernicus $550 Purchase

Visconti Copernicus

Copernicus Red

“RED” Fine nib 18k, gold trim, resent filler, box & paper, I have med, nibs and broad. box and paperwork.

Catalog Number:

Visconti Divina $695 Purchase

Visconti Divina


Younger brother of the Divine Proportion LE. Edition of 1618. Celluoid body, Platinum plated trim, 19K nib

Catalog Number:

Visconti Elisa $650 Purchase

Visconti Elisa


The Mazzi collection 2005, fine, medium or broad 18k nib available, palladium plated trims, hand painted #023/205 all box and papers.

Catalog Number:

Krone Wright Brothers 100 years of Aviation $9,500 Purchase

Krone Wright Brothers 100 years of Aviation


 This huge LE mega pen has a hand painted picture of both Wright brothers, and plane’s covering 100 years of history on a full Mother of pearl cap and barrel.

The trim is solid rose gold and the nib is 18k. A real piece of the Kitty Hawk wing is incased in a  crystal in the cap ring. complete Box and papers, #5/28. This is a great crossover collectable for the person who likes Planes, Pens or Paintings….

Catalog Number: Mega Cool !

Krone Albert Einstein 2005 $6,500 Purchase

Krone Albert Einstein 2005

This beautiful LE pen is made of sterling silver, Mother of pearl inlay, titanium. It has an actual hand written piece of letter from Einsteins equations in a crystal on the top of the cap. Einstein’s hand painted picture on the barrel, this is a great crossover collectable for anyone who like Plane’s,Pen’s or Painting’s. Complete with beautiful box and paper work. #70/288

Catalog Number: You Smart ? Buy it...

Visconti $2,500 Purchase


Visconti – Alchemy – 2003
Finish: Silver Vermeil
Edition: 1038 Fountain Pens
Type: Fountain Pen (Comes with a M & F nib)
new old stock, comes with box and papers.

Catalog Number: comes with display stand

Delta Enrico Caruso LE $900.00 Purchase

Delta Enrico Caruso LE

fine nib, lever fill

Catalog Number: delta100531

Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac series – Rooster $500 Purchase

Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac series – Rooster

Rollerball, sterling silver overlay

Catalog Number: montegrappa100428

Templari $contact us for price Purchase


The Templari pen is a tribute to the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages. It is produced as a limted edition of 312 fountain pens in a special box with a seal. The pen’s body is an ivory colored resin with an aged filagree overlay. The pen used the Visconti power filler mechanism and has an 18K gold nib in F/M/B.

Catalog Number: vis10031505

Gordian Knot $895 Purchase

Gordian Knot

A member of the Metropolis line of pens from Visconti. Piston fill 14K gold nib. Comes in gold, sterling silver and gun metal finish. This pen is available as a fountain pen or rollerball.

Catalog Number: vis10031503

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