Krone Wright Brothers 2002 $3,950 Purchase

Krone Wright Brothers 2002

This fabulous LE has a solid sterling silver cap,  with a mother of pearl barrel which has a completely hand painted picture of the Wright brothers. A Real piece of Kitty Hawk is incased in the cap ring . This is a great crossover collectable for anyone who likes plane’s, paintings or pens! comes with beautiful  Box and papers #52/288

Catalog Number:

Krone Wright Brothers 100 years of Aviation $9,500 Purchase

Krone Wright Brothers 100 years of Aviation


 This huge LE mega pen has a hand painted picture of both Wright brothers, and plane’s covering 100 years of history on a full Mother of pearl cap and barrel.

The trim is solid rose gold and the nib is 18k. A real piece of the Kitty Hawk wing is incased in a  crystal in the cap ring. complete Box and papers, #5/28. This is a great crossover collectable for the person who likes Planes, Pens or Paintings….

Catalog Number: Mega Cool !

Krone Albert Einstein 2005 $6,500 Purchase

Krone Albert Einstein 2005

This beautiful LE pen is made of sterling silver, Mother of pearl inlay, titanium. It has an actual hand written piece of letter from Einsteins equations in a crystal on the top of the cap. Einstein’s hand painted picture on the barrel, this is a great crossover collectable for anyone who like Plane’s,Pen’s or Painting’s. Complete with beautiful box and paper work. #70/288

Catalog Number: You Smart ? Buy it...

Krone Sword series fountain pen $595 Purchase

Krone Sword series fountain pen

cartridge/converter fill, medium nib

Catalog Number: krone101004

Krone Modern Collection Sold Out

Krone Modern Collection



Krone Modern Collection, semi-tranparent hues, fine two tone 18K nib
Catalog Number: work horse pen!

Krone $5000 Sold Out


Krone – Moby Dick – 2005
Mammoth Ivory-Scrimshaw/African Zebra Wood & Briarwood
Edition: 288 Fountain Pens
Type: Fountain Pen. medium nib box and papers.

Catalog Number:

Krone $585 Sold Out


black and grey acrylic, b nib

Catalog Number: krone110827

Krone $395 Sold Out


early Krone fp

Catalog Number: krone1108271

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