About Us

About Us

16-chi_penshow062Penopoly is a pen repair, restoration, and sales company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comprised of Roger Cromwell and Victor Chen, Penopoly will work on clients’ pens on-site during pen shows and clinics at local pen and antique stores.  Roger also conducts seminars at major pen show events. He also does speaking events on the history of fountain pens at pen club meetings, rotary clubs, and others.  New for 2009, we have begun manufacturing our own brand of pens with a focus on special editions.

Penopoly sells vintage pens, new modern pens, as well as gently used modern pens.  We have many people looking to buy entire pen collections so we are interested in people who would like to sell their collections. We will sell collections for you on commission or may buy your collection outright.  We also offer appraisal services.

Penopoly in the media

Our company has been featured on the HGTV channel.  We write articles for PenWorld and Pennant magazines.  Penopoly was also interviewed for Lesley Primeau’s radio talk show.

HGTV Filming Penopoly

HGTV Filming Penopoly

Washington D.C. Pen Show 2008

Pictured:  Roger Cromwell

Fountain Pens in Recent History

In its heyday, the fountain pen was the principal instrument used for written communication. During the past century, fountain pens evolved as inventors developed various mechanisms and methods for pens to hold ink and fill them. Dip pens were finally relegated to the past.

But as filling and ink-storage capacities became less of an issue, pens also became more colorful, first in hard rubber, then in plastics, offering even more decorative possibilities. Fountain pens fully developed as advertising and design became paramount in the mass production of products. Pen manufacturers competed on quality and branding, offering models ranging in cost from the inexpensive and utilitarian to the expensive and exquisite.

Once there were thousands of pen repairers. Today there are only a few of us. We are continually rediscovering how tools were designed, what techniques were used, and how pens were adjusted to make them a joy to use. We take pride in that tradition and believe that if something worked well in the past, it can be made to work just as well today.

We focus on pen restoration, never losing sight of the history and memories that accompany so many pens. How long ago was it made? Who made it? Of what materials? How does it work?

Fountain Pen Repair & Restoration Service

We are grateful for your trust allowing us to repair, restore and fine-tune a pen, modern or vintage, so that it meets your needs as a writing instrument, a collectible, or both. We promise that our work will be professional and our repairs and restorations will be done promptly and to the highest standards.

How to Contact Us for Buying, selling, trading, or repairs

Roger Cromwell
(510)415-9080 sales and repairs

mailing address for packages:
Penopoly Pens
20885 Redwood Rd #165
Castro Valley, CA 94546


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